Monday, May 2, 2011

Tak Dengar Pun Pihak Berkuasa Agama Islam...

Church slams tv station for showing sex video clip of Opposition leader lookalike

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, OR MSM, has one more moral cop to worry about now. It used to be just the politiocians, the KDN, the women's lib movement, the advertisers and the MCMC and a dictatorial Minister of Information. Now the MSM, or at least TV3, must worry about treading the Bishop's toes.

I'm sure the people at TV3 appreciate Bishop Paul's point. But it is also true that it is easier to be a blogger or run videos on on-line portals.

P.S. Personal, I'm curious now. What does the Bishop feel about the video itself, I mean if it's true the horse involved is not just a lookalike after all? Would like to know what he thinks of Datuk T, too.

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