Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Car Free Days & Earth Hour

Earth Hour yang berlangsung pada 28 Mac lalu sememangnya berjaya pada penilaian mata kasar saya, yang mengajak masyarakat untuk bergelap selama satu jam. Yang menariknya ialah, kempen ini seoalah menjadi "kewajiban" kepada penduduk kampung untuk mengikuti dan melaksanakannya. Saya mengambil kesempatan berbual dengan penduduk kampung di Rantau Panjang pada 29 Mac lalu. Kebetulan ada kenduri kawin di situ.

Rata-rata penduduk kampang yang saya tanya mengakui seolah satu kemestian untuk mereka memadam lampu selama satu jam pada tarikh 28 Mac lalu, yakni dari jam 2030-2130. Dan yang menarik perhatian saya ialah cerita seorang ayah yang memberitahu bahawa anaknya yang masih bersekolah rendah bersemangat, dan sejak awal jam 6 petang sudah menyediakan lilin, untuk tujuan menyambut Earth Hour.

Pada pendapat saya, kempen seumpama ini berjaya untuk mengurangkan kesan pemanasan global. Di perngkat Malaysia sendiri, khususnya, wajar dilaksanakan program seumpama ini. Tidak semestinya hanya melalui Earth Hour sahaja seleuruh penduduk Malaysia atau mercu tanda indah di Malaysia ini menutupkan lampunya. Tidak salah jika diadakan sebulan sekali, seperti mana kakitangan kerajaan diarahkan memakaikan pakaian batik pada setiap hari Khamis.

Dalam soal ini, yang diperlukan ialah kretifiti pihak yang menganjur dan merancangkannya. Saya yakin pihak swasta pasti bersetuju untuk turut serta dalam kempen seumpama ini selain menyelamatkan bumi, juga mampu menjimatkan aliran RM daripada terus mengalir untuk membayar bil elektrik.

Bercakap mengenai kempen menyelamatkan bumi, memang banyak lagi aktiviti lain yang "simple" boleh masyarakat laksanakan untuk kesahjeteraan bumi. Antaranya tidak menggunakan beg plastik. Kesdaran ini nampaknya masih belum meluas dalam kalangan masyarakat kita. Penggunaan beg kertas wajar diperkenalkan dipasar raya misalnya, atau penggunaan beg membeli-belah yang ada dijual semurah RM2.00 setap satu.

Di laluan yang sibuk umpama di KL, wajar diwujudkan juga satu hari tanpa kereta di lokasi tertentu untuk kebaikan masyarakat sekitarnya. Jika Jakarta, Indonesia, misalnya, mereka dapat melaksanakan" Car Free Days" pada seiap hari Ahad terakhir setiap bulan. Jalan raya yang lenggang pada hari berkenaan dimanfaatkan oleh warga kota untuk bersukan dan beriadah. Kajian menunujukkan bahawa 50% pencemaran alam sekitar berpunca daripada asap kenderaan. Menurut Budirama Natakusumah, Ketua Agensi Alam Sekitar Jakarta, 70% carbon monoxide dapat kurangkan dengan mengadakan "Car Free Days" pada setiap bulan. Hal ini amat penting terutamanya di Jakarta yang sesak dan padat dengan kenderaan pada setiap hari, dan untuk kebaikan masyarakat sekitarnya. Malah di Bagota pula ada dianjurkan Hari Tanpa Telefon Bimbit, pada setiap 1 Februari.

Dalam pada itu Electricity consumption dipped by some 550MW during Earth Hour on Saturday. Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) chief executive officer Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh, was equivalent to the consumption of about 14 million 40-watt fluorescent bulbs. “Everything went smoothly and we were able to respond to the slightly lower demand without any operational glitches,” he said.

He was commenting on the hour-long lights-out campaign to create awareness on the need to combat global warming. However, Che Khalib added that demand picked up rapidly at 9.30pm to follow the normal Saturday night pattern. Many Malaysians joined the annual campaign, which began in Sydney in 2007, by switching off their lights for an hour from 8.30pm.

Earth Hour, pada dasarnya sudah mencapai matlamatnya di Malaysia. Bagaimana pun, dalam konteks pemuliharaan Bumi secara keseluruhannya, banyak lagi yang wajar pihak kerajaan laksanakan dan rancang, agar dituruti oleh pihak swasta dan juga masyarakat. Sememangnya dalam resam hidup arahan atau kepimpinan haruslah bermula dari atas dan turun ke bawah.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Embark On Radical Overhaul: Najib

Malaysia's next premier Najib Razak on Tuesday warned the ruling party it must embark on a radical overhaul to win back public support, or face the end of its half-century grip on power.
Najib's address to the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) at the start of a landmark meeting where it will elect a new leadership, is an attempt to set a new direction for the party which was humbled in March 2008 polls.

"What is at stake is nothing less than the very fate of UMNO," said Najib, the current deputy premier, who is to succeed Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi shortly after the five-day assembly concludes. "Clearly, the results of that general election have been the worst in the history of our party," he said, after the UMNO-led coalition lost five states and a third of parliamentary seats to the opposition. "It is an awful and bitter truth, but a truth nonetheless and one which we must accept," he told the party, which has floundered since the polls which redrew Malaysia's political landscape.

"We gather here tonight not to wallow in sadness nor to lament our fate. But as a party, we are here today but for one singular purpose, that is to chart the way forward for UMNO and our struggle," he said. "The decision we collectively make at this assembly will determine the future of our party: whether we continue to shape and mould history, or just become an entry in the annals of history."

The assembly was launched with a speech by Abdullah, who is to step down after a disappointing six years in power during which he failed to implement promised political reforms including tackling corruption. UMNO delegates will on Thursday anoint Najib as the new UMNO president, and cast their votes for key roles including deputy president and heads of the youth and women's wings.

In line with UMNO custom, Najib is succeeding Abdullah unopposed. The party chief traditionally becomes prime minister and leader of the Barisan Nasional coalition of race-based parties. Najib urged the delegates to choose wisely as they select the new leadership, and to reject vote-buying which is endemic in the party.

"We must resolve to eradicate money politics right down to the roots. If not, we will all be collectively responsible for the demise of this beloved party of ours."

He called for a new attitude within the party, which is seen as self-interested and out of touch, and said it must embrace a new generation of voters who are "better informed, very demanding and highly critical." He urged members to embrace online media, which have become a phenomenon in Malaysia, successfully exploited by the opposition, which has been shut out of the government-linked mainstream media.

"Like it or not, we cannot regard the new media as our enemy," he said, in comments that came shortly after party officials said they had barred several online news portals from covering the UMNO assembly. Despite the talk of reform, there are concerns that from its position of weakness, the party may reject calls for liberalisation and instead choose to shore up its support among conservatives.

Political observers say recent events, including sedition charges against an opposition veteran for criticising a Malay royal ruler, and the banning of two opposition newspapers, indicate a hardline approach could be in the offing. Najib is expected to be sworn into power by the king in the first days of April but no date has been announced, giving rise to speculation that Abdullah may be reluctant to step down.

After emerging from his speech to delegates, the outgoing leader defended the lack of a formal plan. "I know what I am supposed to do. There is no need to disturb me," he told reporters.

Incoming Prime Minister...

Malaysia's incoming prime minister Najib Razak is seen on a big screen as he delivers his keynote address during the opening of United Malays National Organisation's (UMNO) youth and women wings in Kuala Lumpur March 24, 2009. Najib called on Tuesday for the country's largest political party to end corruption and embrace reform, warning voters' "seething anger" would become "hatred" if it did not.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love someone, and life becomes easy.

EVEN if one has love, sometimes one fears losing it. But we should just keep giving love and respect to others. As we sow the field, we will reap the fruit. We should internalise this practically and not just intellectually. We do not need external force such as a show of anger. We need internal power so that we can share it with others. Love is the spiritual magnetism that draws men together for the working of miracles.

“Ten men banded together in love” wrote Carlyle, “can do what ten thousand separately would fail in”. When love is strong, personalities do not need to create an impact, for love itself is stunning and it illuminates the important things naturally.

When one understands that he is a traveller on this earth and that others are co-travellers and have a definite role to play, egoistic nature will turn into adjustments, understanding, co-operation and love. Love means so much more than lust or romance. Keep alive the greater meaning of the love we all seek. Even though I may not see the results immediately, love always works. Recognise the love you give, and cherish the love you receive.

pic-my cat, gegirl

Jari USB Flash Disk

Bila sudah kreatif, semuanya akan menjadi perhatian dan menjadi ikutan. Demikianlah yang berlaku kepada seorang programmer kumputer yang berasal dari Findland, yang menggunakan jari sebagai memori card yang siap build-in dengan USB flash disk. Sesuai dengan kerjanya sebagai programmer komputer yang sentiasa mendampingi komputer dan USB flash disk, maka dia menciptakan sesuatu yang mudah dan berfaedah kepada semuanya.

Jerry Jalava, pada awalnya kehilangan jari manis kirinya dalam satu kemalangan. Namun itu tidak membuat dia putus asa dalam hidup, sebaliknya menggunakan kekurangannya itu untuk mencipta sesuatu yang baharu. Idea Jerry timbul setelah menyedari kekurangan tersebut dapat diatasi dengan menjadikan jari palsu yang boleh bertindak sebagai USB flash disk. Malah krativitinya terselah apabila mampu mencipta memory disk sehingga berkapasiti 2g.

Yang menariknya USB Flask disk rekaan Jerry ini ialah memorinya menyerupai kuku jari. Justeru, usb ini kelihataan seperti jari palsu. Terbaharu kreativitinya Jerry untuk membuat jari prostetik baharu menngunakan teknologi wireless.

Diharap dengan adanya ciptaan seumpama ini akan memudahkan kepada rakyat Malaysia yang ingin memanfaatkan bahagian jari yang sudah tiada jari...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Salah siapa?

Siti Fatimah, an ethnic Chinese woman formerly known as Tan Ean Huang, smiles as she leaves the Syariah court in Malaysia's northern island of Penang March 16, 2009. A Malaysian religious appeal court in Penang granted a woman's wish to formally renounce Islam on Monday, in a rare case where Muslims are allowed to leave the faith.

No komen...

Why YBs?

“IT’S so hard to believe but it’s all coming back to me now.”

There you are the song, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion which made it to the billboard in the 1990s. The current political fiasco in Perak, a reminiscent of what happened in Sabah in 1994, has made the headlines these few days, no thanks to the three state assemblymen who deserted their parties to be independents.

The three, PKR state assemblymen Mohd Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and DAP’s Hee Yit Foong who played hide -and-seek eventually showed up at the press conference on Tuesday by incoming prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who claimed that the BN had the enough numbers to seize power from the mere 10-month old Pakatan Rakyat-led state government.

In 1994, the PBS-led government in Sabah managed to secure only a razor-thin majority of 25 state seats against the BN’s 23 and with the defection of few PBS state assemblymen to BN, the BN eventually seized power from the PBS. So the question now is, is it alright for politicians to hop parties as they wish when the voters voted them for who they represented (meaning the parties they represented) during the elections?

While the law on anti-hop is not yet there to stop politicians from deserting parties, I guess this million-dollar argument, if we were to take public polls, may come to a conclusion that it’s a no-no for majority of us. While the Federal Constitution guarantees one’s right and freedom of association, being responsible and people conscious politicians with high credibility and integrity, such hopping culture should not ever be in the practice for the politicians are where they are for the trust and faith entrusted by the people.

I guess everyone of us could still remember vividly how PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tried so hard to engineer defections among the BN lawmakers last year which resulted in a big group of BN lawmakers having resorted to a retreat in Taiwan in the name of study tour.

But the attempt by Anwar failed despite him declaring that the Pakatan Rakyat would form the government by September 16. Now the BN has turned the tables on Pakatan Rakyat with rumours that there would be more defection to the BN camp.

And now as the Chinese are still celebrating the new lunar year of the Year of the Ox, Malaysians are awaken to find a change of state government in Perak within days, not via ballot boxes but through defection of few politicians who were claimed to have been offered millions of ringgit just to cross over.As the Sultan of Perak holds the key to whether to allow the BN to form the state government with a simple majority or to dissolve the state assembly, the voters in Perak may feel betrayed or sick with the conduct of their politicians.

There are some legal aspects involved in this political fiasco but I agree with a senior lawyer who was quoted as saying in a national daily that the best way to solve the problem was to dissolve the state assembly and let the people decide. If such defection or ‘frogging’ is the way Malaysian politics is being played, then what is there to guarantee that these very same politicians may not hop again in the future for selfish reasons?

There is an urgent need for the enactment of an anti-hopping law to prevent this political melodrama from repeating in the future. But alas, the effort by the former Law Minister, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who resigned only after few months in office was futile. Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has second thoughts of Umno accepting the PKR state assemblymen Mohd Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi into its fold for the two, who still have court cases pending.

Dr Mahathir had said even if the party were to accept anyone, it must do some checking on the person’s background and not to simply accept any Tom, Dick and Harry. But I have this advice to politicians. Do not betray the faith and trust given by the people to you because the consequences may be detrimental in time to come for the voters will definitely vote you out. Remember this line from Celine Dion’s song, “There were empty threats and hollow lies, and whenever you tried to hurt me, I just hurt you even worse, and so much deeper.”

Monday, March 16, 2009

La Tahzan

Salam sejahtera. Seorang adik menghantar sms semalam agar saya membuka dan melihat blog ini yang begitu lama ditinggalkan dan tidak dikemaskinikan. Bukan sengaja mahu membiarkan blog ini tidak dikemaskinikan, tapi memang amat sibuk kebelakangan ini. Sibuk dengan pelbagai program dan projek berkaitan kerja yang perlu diselesaikan. Dan insya-Allah dalam tempoh yang terdekat ini akan turut serta dalam satu projek baharu bersama pihak media lain yang akan berkunjung ke penempatan masyarakat Penan di Long Lamai.

Memang seronok jika dapat bekerja sambil melihat kejadian alam yang pelbagai. Sekurang-kurangnya kita dapat menghargai akan makna kehidupan. Namun, bila diamati sms daripada Dicky semalam, terdetik juga untuk membuka blog dan menulis, memandangkan ada beberapa minit ruang waktu yang boleh digunakan untuk update blog.

Barulah saya memahami apa maksud tersirat dalam sms Dicky agar saya membuka blog. Rupanya ada pelbagai tomahan daripada pengunjung. Realitinya di alam siber ini, pelbagai tuduhan yang melulu akan digunakan oleh orang yang tidak cerdik untuk menghentam dan sebagainya.

Mereka beranggapan, dengan cara menghantam dan menulis apa-apa jua yang boleh menjatuhkan air muka seseorang, akan memberikan ketenangan dan kegembiraan pada diri mereka. Malah dengan pelbagai tuduhan fitnah dan sebagainya.

Golongan ini mungkin lupa bahawa di Malaysia ada Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia, yang membolehkan seseorang itu dikesan dan dihadapkan ke muka pengadilan atas beberapa pertuduhan dan sebagainya. Lupakah apa yang terjadi kepada beberapa orang yang menghantar komen bernada menghina sultan yang baru sahaja dihadapankan ke mahkamah beberapa hari lalu?

Kemudahan yang disediakan dalam internet adalah untuk digunakan dengan sebaiknya sesuai dengan pemikiran kelas pertama, bukan untuk mengadu domba sesuatu yang tidak benar, bersifat fitnah, dan sewaktu dengannya.

Justeru, harapan saya kepada yang menulis komen dan sebagainya, bertanggungjawab dan beretikalah dalam semua perlakuan anda. Kebencian tidak akan membawa kepada apa-apa kejayaan. Hidup ini terlalu singkat untuk membenci dan berdendam. Itu dialog yang saya petik dalam mega movie pada hari Sabtu yang lalu di Tv2.

Dulu saya pernah berhadapan dengan seorang yang bernama Dato Adil, berhubung situasi pertuduhan dan sebagainya. Sekarang, nampak gayanya ada lagi yang membenci tanpa sebab. Persoalannya kenapa dan mengapa? Siapa yang menipu dan siapakan yang ditipu? Hutang berkaitan apa?Nyawa, wang ringgit atau sebagainya?

Saya suka memperkenalkan buku La Tahzan atau Jangan Bersedih kepada golongan yang sakit jiwa sebab terdapat banyak panduan dalam buku itu untuk kita mengatasi permasalahan dalam hidup. Manlis adalah salah satu daripadanya, tetapi biarlah kita bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang ditulis.

Orang mukmin yang tidak ada aktiviti yang bermakna yakni dalam kelalaian, kekosongan adalah musuh yang membinasakan. Gunakan waktu dengan sebaiknya dan jangan biarkan ada satu minit pun yang terbuang sia-sia.

Justeru manfaatkan rauang waktu untuk perbuatan yang berfaedah, dan hindarilah dari terus menyiksa jiwa diri sendiri. Manusia yang berakal boleh menilai dan memberikan apa-apa jua pendapat, namun kebenaran hanya Tuhan Yang Maha Mengetahui. Janganlah kita terlalu terdorong dengan stereotaip pemikiran masyarakat yang hanya melihat kulit buku atau luaran sahaja. Tuhan Maha Adil dalam setiap takdirnya.

Akhirnya sekali kepada Dicky, terima kasih di atas saranan agar saya kerap mengemakinikan blog ini. Insya-Allah, dalam seminggu ini saya usahakan untuk mengemakinikan blog ini agar berinformasi dan berguna kepada semua, Insya-Allah.