Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Recycle Your Virginity?

Persoalan dara sering menjadi isu dalam kalangan masyarakat Melayu di Malaysia. Isu kehilangan dara sering dikaitan dengan gejala sosial yang melanda sekarang ini. Pada saya, apa-apa pun juga, jagalah diri sendiri, itu yang penting. Selebihnya kita berserah kepada Yang Maha Kuasa.

For Malaysian plastic surgeons are offering a "new" intact hymen for just that kind of women. Now you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself or embarassing yourself infront of your new/old husband or offending your mother in law, for social or religious reasons.

Hey, how about procedures for men? There must be one to keep their brains intact! And how come only women need to prove themselves - for whatever reasons?!

Anywayz…It’s very, very cheap too - to recycle your virginity, that is - only RM2,500 (or approx. $770) for a 30-minute surgery. The catch is this: you cannot have sex for 6 weeks.

Says the New Sunday Times:

Among the clientele are foreign students who are leaving the country not just with a new academic certificate, but with an intact hymen. The operation is also attracting some local university students who request for their hymen to be repaired.

They are usually in their early 20s and most are in the final year of their studies. “The girls don’t come alone (for the consultation and surgery). They come with their boyfriends or a trusted girlfriend,” the newspaper quoted, but did not name, a consultant plastic surgeon with a private hospital. “To them, having the hymen intact is not just an important marriage commodity - their very lives depend on it,” says the surgeon.

The procedure is promoted on the internet, where else! It seems like a very easy thing to do - just a repair, like we women are cars or something. Or, ‘piercing the remnants of the hymen by closing a tear’; like we are a piece of curtain.

Women who go there do so because they think their husbands will think them “a slut” if they don’t have an intact hymen. What about all those women who do rigorous physical activities like cycling or running? They tear their hymens too! Pity their souls if they meet a men who fret about these things. Better to die alone and single!

Anyway, think for yourself...

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azlan said...

To my wife, if u want to do so, please provide me a subtitute. Otherwise, don't! Can't afford to wait for 6 weeks....