Thursday, June 12, 2008

Youngest & Heart Attack

Penyakit sudah tidak mengira usia. A 13-YEAR-OLD boy from Lukut has become the youngest person in the country to die of a heart attack, reported Sin Chew Daily. He collapsed and died at his tuition centre on Tuesday evening. A team of specialists from Kuala Lumpur confirmed that Lee Zhen Siong had died of a heart attack. One of the doctors told Zhen Siong's family that the previous youngest heart attack victim was 27 years old. He said that Zhen Siong’s death was an unusual case.

Zhen Siong’s uncle Yu Bao said the Form One boy was larger in build compared to other boys his age.“Standing close to six feet, Zhen Siong loved to play basketball,” he said. He added that Zhen Siong complained of chest discomfort after a camping trip at the end of last month, but none of the family members had even thought that it was possible for the 13-year-old to have a heart problem.

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