Sunday, July 13, 2008

RM 8.59 Million and 33 Million Sticks Cigarattes by Malaysians

Perokok di Malaysia membelanjakan RM8.59 juta bersamaan 33 juta batang rokok sehari, demikian menurut Pengarah Jabatan Kesihataan Kelantan, Dr Laila P Mohamed Meeren, berdasarkan kajian yang dilakukan pada 2006

Malaysians spend RM8.59 million on 33 million sticks of cigarettes daily, a Health Ministry survey revealed. Kelantan Health Department Director Dr Lila P Mohamed Meeran said the survey conducted in 2006 showed that youths aged 13-17 formed the bulk of smokers.

"Some 422,710 of the smokers were male while 45,807 were female, spending RM272,132 on cigarettes daily ," she told Bernama here today. More than two million adults in the country are smokers. Dr Lila said the increase in the number of smokers was down to various tactics deployed by tobacco companies in promoting cigarettes, influencing many to 'light up'.

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