Monday, May 19, 2008

My Dreams

There are a lot of people selling short dreams, small dreams. Today, we have to recover the ability to dream greater things. We need dreams that cannot be sold. Dreams that can say, "Maybe there is something that I can contribute, something for me to do." And the needs of the world are so big in any field, for spirituality, for human life, for justice, for sharing, for new communities, for a new sense of dignity, participation. We should bring our dreams there to that reality. What can I contribute to this world?

With those words of Adolfo Nicholas S.J. the contemporary situation begins to take shape. The situation that shows clearly that we have the power for change, and that clearly our change can and will affect so many people. This power, however, often is sold to the highest bidder, and instead of changing the world for the better we exchange our freedom for shackles and chains.

This blog is both the frame and the medium that examines the power to change and the power to be changed, the realization of who I am, and whose I am.

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Ritah Yahaya said...

100% agree with you on the importance for one's to have a dream.

Better to have a dream, rather than doing nothing.

How many of us day dreaming?